Estonian Women`s Associations Roundtable

Estonian Women’s Associations  Roundtable was founded on August 16, 2003, when 20 women’s organizations signed the EWAR collaboration agreement in Viljandi, the White Rose City.


Estonian Women’s Associations  Roundtable (EWAR) is an open and democratic women’s organizations network  based on co-operation. Its aim  is to form common positions among women on questions important to society, to advance participatory democracy and equality between women and men.


EWAR is Estonia’s coordination for EWL, whose mission is to advance equality between women and men in Estonia as well as in Europe, and to support the European Union’s political decisions that aim to strengthen women’s human rights and gender equality.


By summer 2007, 55 women’s organizations, among them 14 women’s organizations roundtables, had signed the collaboration agreement.  EWAR brings together over 170 women’s organizations via regional roundtables either directly or indirectly.