EWAR collaboration agreement



Whereas the Estonian women recognize their responsibility to the present  and future generations,

and whereas they wish to assist with the development of a democratic and human values respectful society in our country, as noted in the Estonian Civil Development Concept, and 

whereas they consider equality between men and women important as well as equal opportunities for self-realization in family and social life, and they wish to collaborate with European and other international organizations for the achievement of these goals,

the undersigned women's associations, networks, women's studies and training organizations establish


The Roundtable is an open and democratic entity consisting of women's organizations whose aims are to arrive at united positions on important public issues, to advance participatory democracy in dialogue with the governmental bodies, and to promote gender equality.

The Roundtable recognizes all women's organizations as equal regardless of their legal status and works together with all active women who want to participate in public life.

The Roundtable supports the goals adopted by the platform of the United Nations IV Women's World Conference in Peking with regard to securing women's rights and achieving equality between women and men, as well as the goals and principles of the Council of Europe, European Union, and the European Women's Lobby (EWL).

The Roundtable applies for full EWL membership as the coordinator in Estonia and is ready to carry out the rights and responsibilities for it. 

The founders of the Roundtable adopt the following principles for collaboration:

The Roundtable member women's associations, networks, women's studies and
training organizations are equal partners, each having one vote.  The Roundtable adopts decisions by 2/3 majority vote provided a simple majority of members is present.

Each member organization is represented at the Roundtable by one authorized
individual.  The authorization must contain the period of validity.

The members of the Roundtable shall elect a chairman and two deputy chairmen for the period of one year.  The chairman prepares the agenda and chairs the meeting, informs the public of its decisions, and sees that the decisions are carried out.

The Roundtable shall meet at least once a quarter.  The Roundtable shall hold a special meeting if at least three members request it.

Each member shall pay her own costs of participating at the Roundtable and
the costs of running the meeting shall be shared by the members equally. In order to cover its expenses, the Roundtable shall obtain its resources from donations, contributions and from participating in women's collaborative projects.

In order to secure continuity of its work, technical services and communications with international organizations, the Roundtable can select a corporate body to carry out its secretarial tasks.  As needed, the Roundtable can establish a foundation to carry out its secretarial tasks.

The Roundtable is authorized to adopt by-laws outlining in detail its activities and to set participation fees to cover its expenses.

Effective August 16, 2003, parties can sign on to the agreement.


Laane County Women's Roundtable                               Rea Raus
Kopu Region Development Society Ray of Light     Harda Roosna
I&T Counsel Group                                                  Ines Vajakas
West-Viru Women's Roundtable                               Kairi Joesalu
East-Viru Women's Roundtable                               Ene-Eha Urbala
Women Can Anu Janes
Valga County Women's Roundtable                               Kersti Sirel
Estonian Rural Women's Association                               Kersti Sirel
Voru County Family Centre                                       Tiiu Reiman
Jarva Women's Roundtable                                           Leili Pruun
Jarva Rural Women's Union                                       Ulvi Meikup
Association of Enterprising Ladies                          Tiiu Sild
Tartu Associationa of Families                                    Tiina Kutsar
Estonian Rural Women's Union Saare Women             Laine Tarvis
Harju County Women's Roundtable                               Eha Reitelman
Tartu- and Jogeva County Women's Roundtable             Tiiu Laan
Women's Training Centre                                                 Reet Laja
Estonian Open Society Institute women researchers Helve Kase
Estonian Women's Studies and Resource Centre Ilvi Joe-Cannon











Appendix to  the   Estonian Women`s  Associations Round Table agreement (EWAR)


Declaration for co-operation  with the European Women`s Lobby (EWL)


We, women`s organizatsions, networks, research and educational institutions have  signed the EWAR agreement and apply to EWL to become the national co-ordinator in Estonia.


The National Co-ordination`s mission is to promote equality between women and men in Estonia and in Europe, and to support EU policies designed to strengthen Women’s Human rights and gender equality.


We, the undersigned women’s associations and women’s networks, accept the EWL’s purpose and aims as set out in the EWL statutes, and the EWL key policy statements and joint declarations as decided by the General Assembly.


The tasks of the National co-ordination are to:

-         Ensure the participation of Estonian women’s organisations in the work of the EWL, through electing EWL members to the General Assembly and the EWL Board of Administration;

-         Co-ordinate the actions and activities of Estonian women’s associations in relation to the EWL work and activities;


The Estonian national co-ordination of the EWL will operate in a democratic, representative, inclusive and transparent manner, ensuring proper consultation procedures, information strategies, and internal democratic procedures for electing representatives to the EWL General Assembly and Board of Administration.


The National Co-ordination for the EWL will accept applications from new members that support the mission and principles of the co-ordination.


We, women`s organizatsions, networks, research and educational institutions who have signed the EWAR agreement, agree that a legal entity that has been publicly chosen to represent EWAR will be acting as an executive body in co-ordinating the activities of the national co-ordinator, organizing EWAR meetings, co-ordinating   campaigns and political discussions and organizing elections of representatives to EWL Board and General Assembly, the chosen legal entity also takes care of any practical and financial issues.