I  General provisions


1.1.       The official name of the Foundation is: the Estonian Women’s Associations Roundtable Foundation (hereinafter referred to as  the Foundation). The Foundation may also use the short version of its name which is EWAR Foundation.

1.2.   The location of the Foundation is Tallinn, the Republic of Estonia.

1.3.   The Foundation is a legal person in private law which acts pursuant to Estonian laws, other legal acts and the Statutes here.

1.4.   The Foundation has its insignia, seal and bank accounts.


II The objective and main tasks of the Foundation


2.1.       The Foundation’s main objective is to provide technical assistance to the Estonian Women’s Associations Roundtable  in order to help it achieve its objectives and ensure the sustainability of its operation.

2.2.       For the fulfilment of its functions, the Foundation shall

1)       engage in economic activity in compliance with law; initiate and participate in projects;

2)       collaborate with other persons, including domestic and overseas institutions;

3)       award grants and scholarships to guarantee the fulfilment of EWAR’s objectives; provide funding for relevant events and activities;

4)       conclude transactions and perform other acts which are necessary for the fulfilment of EWAR’s objectives and which are not in conflict with existing laws and other legal acts.