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16.08.2008   Women call for life and justice
WOMEN CALL FOR LIFE AND JUSTICE   We ask all women of the world to join our appeal and to support our demands. Loe edasi...
10.08.2008   Appeal Georgia
Appeal to all European Women’s Lobby member organisations and the general public of Europe   We cannot allow  history repeat itself!   The main victims of the war are peaceful citizens, women and children,  and Georgian women need our support  and assistance to help put an end to  the aggression against Georgia   The current situation on the Russian-Georgian front reminds us of the eve of  World War II when the governments continuously made concessions to aggressive superpowers and let them expand their spheres of influence at the expense of small nations. Loe edasi...
07.06.2007   The European Charter for Equalty of Women and Men in Local Life translated into Estonian language
  The European Charter for Equality of Women and Men in Local Life is since June available in Estonian language on our web page. Loe edasi...